Monday, September 4, 2017

Arrr! Places to Enjoy the History of Pirates

Pirates have captured ships and our imagination. Stories of villains from the past mix with accounts of sanctioned actions of sailors on behalf of their King to create a heroic figure who committed treachery for honorable reasons. Books like Treasure Island and movie franchises like the Pirates of the Caribbean are evidence of the fascination pirates hold today. Events like “Talk like a Pirate” Day (September 19th)  reflect the lifelong appeal of pirates. 

You can follow your fascination with pirates to some interesting destinations.  Here are a few suggestions for you to consider.

West Yarmouth, Massachusetts

 The Whydah Pirate Museum  in West Yarmouth adopts a unique approach to sharing the history of pirates. The museum focuses on the history of the ship Whydah to tell the history of pirates. Exhibits explore the ship's history as both a slave ship and a pirate ship. 

Nassau, Bahamas

Pirates of Nassau, a pirate museum, is in the heart of downtown Nassau. This museum features a small ship and a self-guided tour. It looks at the history of piracy around the Bahamas.

Savannah, Georgia

The Pirates’ House in Savannah tells the story of an inn that began serving sailors in 1753. It is near the Savannah river. Over more than two centuries it has welcomed visitors from around the globe. Today it is a restaurant where you can enjoy a unique meal and a little pirate history.

Key West, Florida

The location of the Key West makes it an ideal spot for Pirates wanting to traverse the Caribbean and navigate the shores of the North America. Key West Pirate Museum tells the story of the golden age of piracy from 1690 to 1730. The Mel Fisher Maritime Museum showcases the many treasures recovered from the waters around Key West. It uses artifacts from the past to share the story of Pirates and trade long ago.

St. Augustine, Florida

Tales of Pirates live on in St. Augustine. The St. Augustine Pirate & Treasure Museum is an interactive experience for all ages. You can hoist a bar of gold and gaze upon wanted posters of Pirates from the past. Outside the museum, on the Matanzas river dramatic tour ships fire cannons and hoist the jolly roger.

Will you be hitting the road to enjoy pirate history soon? What places do you recommend of enjoying pirate history?  I have no doubt that pirate historic sites are as numerous as their legendary hideouts.