Friday, January 3, 2014

Visit a Natural History Museum

By Nina Kendall

Want to get your kids hooked on history? Planning a trip with friends or family who isn’t as excited about history as you? Then it is time put a visit to a Natural History Museum on your calendar. From Mastodons to precious gems, a Natural History Museum has exhibits that appeal to all ages.

I love Natural History Museums. They are adventures and learning combined. Who hasn’t stood in awe in front of the Hope Diamond or marveled at the skeleton of an Argentinosaurus? My little brother fell in love with museums spending time in front of dinosaur skeletons and placing his hands inside fossil impressions. The exhibits from the natural world with a focus on change over time are the perfect blend of science and history to intrigue anyone.

 Inside a Natural History Museum, you can learn the history of DNA and stand in the shadow of a Giant Snake.  The movie Night in a Museum was based on the exhibits in the American Museum of Natural History. Some exhibits highlighted how different cultures around the world interact with the environment or other showed the exploration of the American frontier.  Special exhibits in Natural History Museums have given me the chance to pet a hissing cockroach, see the treasures of King Tut's tomb, and trace the travels of Marco Polo and Genghis Khan. 

Below are a few Natural History Museums you should consider as destinations. I recommend you do a little planning before you go. Each of these museums has theaters and expansive exhibits. You may want to look at the special events or activities planned for the day you plan to visit.
1.  American Museum of Natural History -New York, New York
2.  Field Museum – Chicago, Illinois
3.  Smithsonian Institution National Museum of Natural History  - Washington, DC
4.  Fernbank Museum of Natural History - Atlanta, Georgia

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