Friday, March 6, 2015

Military History Destinations: Museums

By Nina Kendall

One can tell the story of America via the history of arms and the military. Military history is the history of nation’s values, goals, and relations with other nation. You can learn military history from books, by conducting oral history interviews, and through visits to museums and historic sites.  It is a chance to get a unique view of history. Here are a few museums to consider on your next trip.

West Point Museum

Not far from the gates of the United States Military Academy is the West Point Museum. This museum has a wide array of artifacts and art organized into galleries that offer appeal to those who enjoy history. For the arms enthusiast, you can explore the development of weaponry over time. If you are more interested in the role of the US Army in American history, they have a gallery just for you. Learn about the peace-time contributions the Army has made to the development of country. See how the roles and jobs in the Army have been evolved with war and technology. The wide variety of artifacts on display in West Point is sure to engage and intrigue.

National Infantry Museum

National Infantry Museum with Yorktown Encampment
The National Infantry Museum is on the edge of Fort Benning.  Fort Benning has been the home of the Infantry School since the opening of the military base in 1918. The museum honors the Infantry by providing education and training to Soldiers, their families, and the general public on all facets of the history of the United States Infantry.  The exhibits within the museum tell the story of the United States Army Infantryman, from the fields of the American Revolution to the sands of Afghanistan. You will also find displays of artifacts from all eras of American history and numerous interactive exhibits helping to bring the nation’s past to life through the latest in technological innovation.

Illinois State Military Museum

Illinois State Military Museum

The Illinois State Military Museum in Springfield, Illinois is committed to where sharing the legacy of the Illinois militia and the Illinois National Guard with the public. You can visit in person or on-line and learn more about how the service of the citizens of Illinois. The exhibits begin in the Revolutionary War to the War of Terror.  With unique artifacts like the artificial leg of Mexican General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna captured during the Mexican-American War, you can find the history of the nation with regional connections at Illinois State Military Museum.

No matter your destination you can add in a stop to enjoy military history. Learn how fellow Americans have contributed to the path of a nation. Are you making plans for your next trip yet? Do you have another destination to share? We would love to hear about it. Happy trails!
Enjoy history!

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  1. In Wisconsin we have the Wisconsin Veterans Museum in Madison (, the Wisconsin National Guard Museum in Camp Douglas (, The Civil War Museum in Racine ( and literally hundreds of veterans memorials throughout the state ( Wisconsin is also home to Wood National Cemetery ( Well, I could go on and on. Wisconsonites are proud of their military heritage (40 Revolutionary War veterans are buried here and, per capita, more Wisconsinites served in the Civil War than from any other state). And the beauty of the state is unparalleled -- we've Lake Michigan on the east coast, Lake Superior on the north coast, and the Mississippi River on the west coast. I love Wisconsin! My tribute to her history and beauty is documented on my Wisconsin Historical Markers website, here: Enjoy!