Friday, December 9, 2016

Cool Things about a Trip to Mount Vernon at Christmas Time

A Camel
At one time George Washington paid 18 shillings to have a camel at Mount Vernon during Christmas time. This act is remembered each year by bringing a camel to the property.

Cookies and Cider
Hospitality is extend to each holiday guest as part of the Candlelight Tour. Apple Cider and Moravian Cookies are available to enjoy around the bonfire.

Beautiful Christmas trees are featured in the public buildings  at Mt. Vernon.
They are in contrast to the glorious trees on the property that were planted in the time of George Washington.

Candlelight Tours
At Christmas time you can enjoy a candlelight tour of Mt. Vernon.  Take a step back to days lit by soft light and the magic of bonfires. Both festive and nostalgic, the tour is an experience to savor.

Period Clothing
The clothing worn by the reenactors was quite festive. We meet Martha Washington dressed for a party and finishing laying the table. Her dress and table spoke of formal traditions and celebration.

Music and Dancing
At different points on the tour, live music was sweetly played.  Dance instruction was available in the greenhouse. Martha reminded us, dancing was one of the activities George Washington enjoyed.

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