Wednesday, April 12, 2017

NCHE 2017 Highlights

By Jeff Burns

I just attended the annual conference of the National Council for History Education held in Atlanta.  It’s always fun to hang out with people from all over who are big history nerds, just like yourself, and to learn about new stories and new resources.

Here’s a list of the some resources I learned about from sessions and exhibitors.

The US Army Heritage and Education Center - Educators Toolbox with lots of primary and secondary sources, lesson plans,  and topics related to the American military

James Madison Foundation not only provides fellowships to teachers who want to more US Constitution knowledge, but they also provide lessons and have a Youtube series called Constitutional Conversations, which consists of illustrated lectures by scholars on various topics.

The American Bar Association has lesson plans for all levels.

The Smithsonian American Art Museum offers a summer workshop history and English teachers and lots of resources online  and offers video conferences between curators and your classes.  They also The American Experience in the classroom which looks very promising. 

The Smithsonian also offers Learning Lab which allows you to pull objects and documents from across all the digital collections of all the museums. You can create your own collection or view others. 

Backstory, a program of the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities, is a podcast.  If you’re a history fan, give it a listen.  

Interested in economic history? The Federal Reserve has lots of info for you.

Tons of resources available at the Digital Public Library of America

STEAM or STEM school? Looking to combine history and technology?  REACH

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